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Last modified on 12 August 2017


(1) These are suggestions for you to pick and choose if you want to be happier than perhaps you have been. This is not a list that you have to follow in order to be happy.

(2) It is probably little consolation to those in their 20s and 30s - the majority of those who e-mail me (a guy in his 60s) about this advice - but there is a substantial body of evidence to show that overall people become happier as they grow older [for further information on the U-bend click here]. So, longer-term things will probably become better for you; meanwhile and even then, these tips should help.

(3) You might be reassured to know that of itself unhappiness will not shorten your life - but then, conversely, happiness in itself does not make you live longer. For information on a recent study demonstrating this click here.

(4) Many people e-mail me to thank me for this advice. But some ask how they can avoid sadness and pain. The answer is: you can't - sadness and pain are part of life and of being human. It is how we respond to these that determines whether we are fundamentally happy and hopeful. I hope that these tips help you.

(5) These suggestions are for people who might be feeling a bit low or who are feeling fine but could be happier. They are not an answer to serious problems such as bereavement or mental illness such as depression. This might require counselling and/or medication and, if you think that you are suffering in this way, you should see a doctor.

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